Mainstream Coverage: Reports On Jailbreaking

With all the fooferaw surrounding the iPhone 4's release — the record-breaking sales, the heartbreaking technical snafus — it was almost inevitable that "Jailbreaking OK!" would be deemed a Ready For Prime Time (News) Player.

Here we see CNN's John Sutter running down the whats and whys of iPhone jailbreaking, including namechecking the "Spirit" jailbreak.  (The Dev-Team gets its shout-out in the accompanying article…)  While it's clear that Sutter at least appears to be nerdy enough to present the story convincingly, let's just say he's no Wolf Blitzer on-camera.

What next: the Dev-Team's MuscleNerd appearing on LARRY KING LIVE?

We don't know whether to cheer or weep. 

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