Massachusetts Schools Adopt the iPad to Help Students, Will it Work?

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The North Adams public schools in Massachusetts are bringing iPads into classes in hopes of improving grades for those students who just barely missed making the grade.

"It's designed for those students who failed a class by a few points," said Amy Meehan, principal of Drury High School as a school district committee meeting. It's not unusual, schools have been using computers for sometime now, so an iPad seems like the next logical step to some. Apple has begun offering educational discounts on Apps to authorized institutions who buy in bulk. Even city governments are adopting Apple's tablet, and using them for meetings.

However, a report by the New York Times points to another possibility. As any of us who were once teens know, high school students are notorious time wasters. Perhaps that's overgeneralizing, but many teenagers may not be the best at managing their time. Devices like the iPad have far too many features to allow some to keep focus.

Think about it: Even as adults, how many of us have browsed Wikipedia wondering who released the 1980's single 99 Red Balloons and somehow ended up an hour later reading about the fall of Troy only to realize we still didn't learn anything about what we were originally looking for. It happens all the time. Sometimes these devices can end up being a bit more of a distraction than a tool, unless parents become involved in their children's activities. Otherwise, junior may be spending his time playing Plants vs. Zombies instead of figuring out the quadratic equation.

[Via Macsimum News and the New York Times]

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