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Brain Trainer by

The Brain Trainer game phenomenon is by no means new to the mobile gaming platform, hence the "by" suffix.  The Brain Trainer model was actually part of Nintendo's strategy to add life to the Nintendo DS with older players, but it is making its way to the iPhone in full force as well.  You begin this incarnation of Brain Trainer by setting up a Luminosity account with person information and when you want reminders that you have been "inactive." 

Remember, Brain Trainer by is most effective if it is used everyday.  Or so I've been told.  If you have only downloaded the free iPhone application version of Brain Trainer then you will only get five free sessions, and you will be reminded of this right from the start.  Once you finally get into Brain Trainer by Luminosity, which takes a while, you will find that it is not the most fun you have ever had.  Many of the exercises, such as selecting whether or not the shape following another one is the same, are designed to "help your memory or problem solving skills," but that really remains to be seen.  What is apparent is that you may get better at taking the Brain Trainer tests, but who knows if that actually extends to the real life.  If you find Brain Trainer by Luminosity fun then this will be a perfect mix, but most players will put it down relatively quickly. 

The likelihood that Brain Trainer is actually going to develop your thinking skills is small, but you might as well give it a shot.  Only for the five sessions though, as the full version is definitely not worth it.  The fact that the free iPhone application version of Brain Trainer by Luminosity hit the top free iPhone applications list and the full version is no where to be found may be an indication of this.

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