Mini Review: Global War

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Global War is the newest release from The Godfather, which brought us text based iPhone MMO RPG classics like iMob Online, iVampires Online, and Race or Die.  Instead of being an entirely new title, Global War is actually the newest incarnation of Jet Fighters. 

Jet Fighters did not make a name for itself in the same way that iMob Online and Race or Die did, and now the Jet Fighters update will need a new name.  In Global War you are going to get the same basic game design that was set up by The Godfather.  You will begin by completing missions in Global War, which are focused around bombing campaigns and other air force directives in war time.  In these Global War missions you will gain experience points to continue leveling up and money. 

You will then invest in an overall property system, which in Global War is named after Military Bases.  These will be your main source of income as you continue to bulk up with new vehicles and weapons and prep for upper division mission and competition with other players.  You will need to add other players in Global War in the same way that you do in iMob Online, which means that you will have to communicate with your Global War Friend Code.  Each player has a Global War Friend Code and you can use this Global War Friend Code to add in other players to your account. 

The Global War Friend Code system is the most efficient way to grow large squads, and you should begin spreading this Global War Friend Code around as much as possible.  Beyond the use of Global War Friend Codes you can also use the iPhone's location function to add other players.  The other main commonality between Global Wars and the more lasting titles from The Godfather is the Global War Honor Points system.  Global War Honor Points can be purchased from the App Store and then installed into the game, but there are also Global War Honor Points given away for free as promotions. 

With these Global War Honor Points you will be able to "cheat Global War" by buying your way through different items you would either have to work or wait for.  For example, Global War Honor Points can be used to purchase large sums of money when you need to jump start Military Base investments.  These Global War Honor Points tend to be too expensive for most players, so try to take advantage of free Global War Honor Points whenever possible.  Over all you are going to find that Global War brings in both the positive qualities and cliches of this genre, but does so somewhat effectively.  The them is well executed, the design is clean and responsive, and as long as the Global War Friend Codes meet a large audience it will continue to grow.

This image described by global war friend codes, global war honor points, iphone global war, the godfather global war, imob online, race or die  Global War


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