Ministry of Silly Trademarks: Apple’s iTV Plan Incenses British Broadcasters

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Apple, it must be said, has a long history of trademarking products and services that often clashes with the real world.  Witness the long-running feud between the House of Jobs and the Beatle's Apple Corp. over whether Apple Computers can even CALL itself "Apple."  And more recently, we reported on how Apple belligerently trademarked the name "iPad," even though Fuji already had an "iPad" of their own in the US.

Which brings us to today's brouhaha: According to England's Daily Mirror, Apple is planning to rebrand it's "Apple TV" set-top device the "iTV" (we wrote about this rumor here) — in keeping with its other iProducts.  Unfortunately, there already is an "ITV" in England (a commercially-run television company, as opposed to the state-run BBC), they own the copyright in the UK, and the "iTV" news has them speed-dialing their barristers.  An ITV insider is quoted as saying "You only have to look at recent problems with the iPhone 4 to see not everything Apple produces is gold dust. We all take our ITV brand very seriously and we'll do everything in our power to protect it."

Ironically, Apple probably has more iPhone owners than ITV has viewers.  And history has shown that Cupertino has had little to no problems securing name trademarks against all odds.

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