Mobclix Index: Games make up 20% of iPad apps

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Mobile ad exchange network operator Mobclix is starting a monthly series of infographics based on its analytics platform and ad impressions served by the startup.

Using the infographics, Mobclix is highlighting trends and findings about a variety of platforms, including Apple‚Äôs iOS, Android and Windows Mobile 7.

The stats used for the infographics come from the total number of iPad ads served by Mobclix, which currently translates to some 300 million monthly impressions according to the company.

Mobclix says that out of the 295,488 iPhone apps currently available on the App Store, 96.5 % were compatible on the iPad.

Click-through rates for iPad apps are nearly 11 times higher with rich media video ads in comparison to standard display banner ads.

Developers also stand to earn more from iPad apps that iPhone apps altogether: on average, iPad apps command eCPMs up to five times higher than that of their smaller-screen counterparts.

Out of 15,547 iPad-specific apps, the ‘Games’ category has a 20 percent share of the App Store at the end of June 2010.

So what does it all mean? The iPad is a great gaming platform offering high rewards to devs. As iAds starts to hit the market, you are liable to see the gaming side of the App Store explode!

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