Morning Drive Time: 8,000 Listeners Start Their Day With NPR On iPhones

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National Public Radio recently wanted to find out when, where, and how their listeners tuned into their programming.  The results were surprising, to say the least.

As seen above, an average of 8,000 listeners tune in each weekday morning from 8 to 10 AM — and do so not via their car radios, but streamed to the custom NPR app on their iPhones.  Other streaming sources (NPR's Android and iPad apps and their mobile web site) trend more steadily during the course of the day, with a slight late-night jump.

Mind you, this is still a drop in the overall listener bucket — as NPR publicist Emerson Brown reminds us, good old fashioned radio still delivers NPR content to a whopping 2.4 million listeners during the same drive time (27 million listeners over the course of a week).

[Via Fortune/CNN Money]