Motorola’s Droid 2 Units Experiencing Reception Problems

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Someone at Motorola is pulling out their hair right now–we're sure of it. It seems like many reports are coming in of issues with the Droid 2's reception. Back when Apple held their 'Antennagate' conference, we were shown a handful of phones that also displayed problems with reception when held.

Of course most of the other smartphone manufacturers called Apple out on their little test. Understandably, they were just trying to protect their business. Unfortunately, it's coming back to bite Motorola in the rear.

There are many reports coming in saying that the Droid 2 is having problems with signal loss, even when the phone is not being held.

However, as MobileCrunch points out, the phone only started shipping two days ago, so it's hard to gauge how widespread the problem actually is. Still, they say that their two review units have signal that fluctuates, running "all over the board" going from full down to none, while it's not being held. Engadget is also reporting that their four units are having the same sort of problems. A total of six review units, all with the same issue.

We are sure that this story will develop and we will hear a statement from Moto within the next day or two. For now, if you have a Droid 2, please let us know if you are having any issues with the reception. We would love to know.

[via MobileCrunch]

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