My3G Plus Jailbroken iPhone 4 Equals FaceTime Video On 3G Networks!

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Hey, kids, heard the news?  Jailbreaking your iPhone is legal!  The US gummint sez so

And now that it IS legal, you can play with all kinds of nifty, non-Apple-sanctioned apps.  Like, f'rinstance, the new i4-ready version of My3G, which bamboozles your iPhone to think you're on a Wi-Fi connection instead of that data plan you're (over) paying for.  So stream those high-def YouTube videos, save your voice plan minutes by VOIP'ing away, and — best of all — FaceTime chat to your heart's content without dashing to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot.  All for US$3.99.

(What?  You haven't jailbroken your i4 yet?  With JailbreakMe out there, complete with our step-by-step instructions on how to use it?  Are you kidding?  Go!  Now!)

FaceTime On 3G? The Three G's Are: Grim, Grim, And Grim.

BTW, developers of My3G have MyWi app which we covered earlier.