One Wart To Charge Them All – In Europe, Not The US

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Last year, we reported that the European Union was on a mission to standardize cellphone (and other electronic device) chargers.  The idea was that proprietary wall warts not only make it difficult to borrow a friend's charger brick if you lose or break yours, but they're more likely to wind up in landfills when their associated gizmo becomes obsolete.

Beginning in 2011, most European cell phones will come with a one-size-fits-all charger and charging port, thanks to the cooperation of the likes of Apple, Motorola, Samsung and RIM, to name but a few.

So can we expect a similar movement in the USA?

Are you kidding?  We can't even agree on one cell carrier technology!

All kidding aside, the FCC (who would be responsible for driving such legislature) has more important things on their agenda.  Many phone makers are already moving towards mini-USB plugs for their warts — but even there, we're talking a Baskin-Robbins-like variety of mUSB flavors.  And ironically, Apple and RIM appear to be the biggest proprietary-plug holdouts Stateside.

Still, the question is not if American companies will follow in the footsteps of their European cousins, but when.  In the words of Joe Banos (COO of cellphone booster/antenna manufacturer Wilson Electronics, "It makes so much sense that I believe the U.S. will follow.  It would be insane not to."

[Via Wired]