Rumor: Apple Holding August Event to Announce new iPods

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The new line of iPod products may be making an appearance this week at an Apple press event, if rumors are correct. MacMagazine, a Brazil-based publication has reported that a reliable source informed the, of an event scheduled to take place on Monday, August 16, or Tuesday, August 17. Despite speculation from most outlets that such an event would be held sometime during September.

The big surprise? More rumors of an iPod Touch with a built-in, front-facing camera for FaceTime, and another in back for photos and video complete with a flash. The new iPod Touch is reported to have other iPhone 4 features such as a gyroscope for full six-axis control. Furthermore, Apple may be ready to announce iOS4 for iPad in the near future and an April availability (though that seems a bit far off).

With all the rumors of a camera-equipped iPod Touch, it's almost impossible not to believe that the device won't include the FaceTime camera and A4 processor. 

[Via MacMagazine

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