Rush Hour: Is Apple Fast-Tracking An iPhone 5?

iLounge is very, VERY cautiously floating some rumors about upcoming Apple products from now through 2011. 

The most fantastic rumor: Apple will make a fifth-generation iPhone available as early as January '11, in an attempt to wipe out the bad taste left in consumers' and critics' mouths by the i4's plethora-of-problems release.

Speaking of the i4 — specifically its antenna-bezel "death grip" issue — the same tipster claims that Apple has a lower-cost, all silicon phone bumper that they will be giving away to iPhone 4 owners this September.  Not only that — Apple was reportedly mulling including a free bumper with the i4 even BEFORE the antenna imbroglio, but took a chance on the bare-metal release.

What's that you say?  "Grains of salt?"  Aisle 4, with the other cooking spices…