Smartphones shipments grow 64% world wide, Android 886%!

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The second quarter financial resuilts are in, Canalys analysts have crunched the facts and figures to bring us some startling news. Smartphone shipments grew 64% world wide compared to Q2 2009, and the number of Android device that have shipped in the same year on year period has jumped up an amazing 886%.

Nokia has maintained their lead, with 38% market share, mainly because they ship low priced Symbian handsets. Their smartphone shipments increased 41% over a year ago, a record 23.8 million in Q2. In other words, Nokia is actually growing slower than the market.

RIM’s BlackBerry series of devices also shipped 41% more units compared to the year ago period. The Canadian based manufacturer maintains an 18% market share, putting them right behind Symbian.

Apple’s iPhone shipments grew 61% over the course of a year, again slower than the 64% total segment growth. These increased shipments still leave it behind RIM, placing it as the third most best selling platform with 13% for the quarter.

The most impressive figures coming out of the data were those for the Android. While the smartphone market grew at a rate of 64%, Android’s was almost 900%.

The  world‚Äôs largest smartphone market, the US grew 41%, with 14.7 million units sold during the quarter. To break that down: Americans buy 1 out of every 5 smartphones sold in the world. 

In comparison the second largest smartphone market, China, only purchased 6.9 million smartphones, giving them 11% of the global smartphone market.

In the US: RIM had 32.1% of smartphone sales in Q2, Apple had 21.7%, HTC had 14.4% and “others” accounted for 31.8%.

While Android’s numbers are impressive they’ve only just started out. If they can maintain even a quarter of this growth, then they’re going to quickly become the player to beat


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