S.N.A.P. Grades Your Internet Privacy on Facebook

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Facebook privacy is a hot button issue right now. It seems like the more public people’s lives become, the more they request privacy. We stand by what the ol’ tech guy Leo Laporte says he repeatedly tells his kids, “If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t put it on the internet…anywhere.” Once it’s on the internet, publicly viewable or not, it’s out there.

So while we do see a bit of irony in being concerned with the availability of your personal information while on a social network, S.N.A.P. is an App that will definitely help those who are wondering how readily available their information is.

S.N.A.P. as the App’s page says, stands for Social Network Analyzer for Privacy. It gathers your information and gives you a letter grade that shows how readily available your information is. The latest update to the software shows a detailed list of the user’s FB content, organized by privacy settings.

Have a look at S.N.A.P. at the App Store: S.N.A.P.

By the way, we have a little poll set up about social networking and privacy. Please take a few seconds to give us your thoughts:

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