Sony’s Latest PSP Ad Pokes Fun at the iPhone

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s (SCEA) latest marketing campaign features Marcus, a fictional character meant to promote Sony’s handheld system.

Unlike the homerun SCEA hit with the Kevin Butler “It Only Does Everything Campaign,” their Marcus “Step Your Game Up,” seems be getting mixed reactions.

Their latest commercial takes a not-so-subtle jab at the iPhone. It’s unnecessary, because many of the same people who own PSPs own other gadgets, such as the iPhone. Many of the gamers enjoy both systems. Last month, the PSP line of handhelds (that’s the PSP and the PSPgo) only sold 84K systems. Making it the lowest-selling system of the month. Perhaps, it’s Sony that should step up their game.

Though this commercial would seem kind of silly if rumors of a PSP phone turned out to be true…

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