Survey: Many AT&T Subscribers Waiting for a Verizon iPhone

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Market research firm Morpace polled iPhone users (on AT&T) to see how many of them would consider switching to a Verizon iPhone if given the opportunity, and how many were waiting for such a change to take place. Of those surveyed 34 percent would make the switch from AT&T to Verizon if the phone became available, while 47 percent said they would give it some thought.

Of 1,000 users surveyed, it was also found that 29 percent of consumers across all carriers said they would likely buy an iPhone from Verizon. 51 percent were already Verizon customers, meaning that quite a few Verizon customers are in fact waiting for the iPhone to land on their network.

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As TechCrunch points out, this would definitely hurt Android sales, because the Android OS is currently the top choice for smartphone users on Verizon. 

If the iPhone were to become available across more carriers, there is no telling how it would impact Android sales. As we've said…it's complicated.

[Via TechCrunch]

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