The Creative Urge: iPads And Painting Apps Appeal To Artistic Types

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So the iPad is a device for consumers, not creators?

Tell that to Vermont-based artist Corliss Blakely, a lifelong artist who recently traded in her oils and canvases for a tablet device and drawing/painting apps like Brushes, ArtStudio and Sketchbook Pro.  She's one of many professional painters who are embracing a technology that lets them create where- and whenever the muse tickles their brain stem — without the space requirements, supply expenses, and prep time of traditional media.  (In fact, Blakely laughs about the customer who received one of her iPad-created paintings and thought it was an oil piece.)  Others thrill at the ability to create something and instantly share it with friends via email or social networks.

(Be sure to scroll through the pages at the Telegraph link below to see the wide assortment of iPad-created artworks possible.)

[Telegraph UK, via Daring Fireball]