The iPhone/iPad Massage Chair

This is from the 'Oh For God's Sake' department.

Yes, it's a massage chair that incorporates your magical iDevice! You won't find this in the Apple Store! Maybe.

Introducing the Human AcuTouch 9500 the massage chair you can control via an iPhone or iPad’s. It uses the chair's HT-Connect application. You can even select from n assortment of sport's celebrities massage routines, and sample them or increase their intensity.

The chair also automatically adjusts to all these tender spots on your delicate body, and remembers how you like to lounge and transitions to suit it.

No word on if the nifty iPad stand come with it.

It will automatically adjust and remember your favorite relaxing position. oooh! Fancy.

If you‚Äôve got a knot in your back, the AcuTouch will even pinpoint and knead out those trouble spots with careful precision. 

It will run you about $5999.

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