This App Turns Your iDevice into A Cyclist’s Companion

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Ever take your iPhone or iPod Touch biking? LiveRider may give you all the reason you need. New Potato Technologies, a company that specializes in what they have dubbed "[App]cessories" which are iDevice Apps sold with accompanying accessories to make special use of your iPhone or iPod Touch.

LiveRider is an App and an accessory that allows you to mount your device onto your bike's handlebars. It uses 2.4GHz wireless tech so that the user can mount a small sensor to the bike frame by the rear wheel. That sensor transmits information about your speed to the iDevice mount (which they mention is shock absorbant) on the handlebars, giving you constant readings on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

It's quite an investment at $99, but given the hardware included, it may be something cyclists find useful.

Check out the details from the official website:


– Single dual-mode sensor unit measures both wheel speed and pedal cadence. 

–  2.4 GHz technology provides a reliable operation without the hassle and clutter of wires. 


– Mounting system securely protects your iPhone or iPod touch. 

– Permanently sealed sensor unit is impervious to the elements.

– All real-time data is captured for later performance analysis.

– Real-time Chase Rider function lets you compete against your personal best or pace to your training goal.

[via NewPotatoTech]

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