Verizon iPhone Continues To Loom On The Horizon

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The "iPhone heading for Verizon" rumors continue building to a critical mass.  Earlier this month, we reported2011 CES would be the likely coming-out party.

that "vPhones" and "vPads" might already be undergoing field and engineering verification tests, and the
Now Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu has weighed in on the topic, telling investors that Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone to an additional carrier in the next year to combat its near-saturation on the AT&T network.  Wu hinted that, unlike current CDMA devices, a Verizon iPhone would allow voice and data at the same time — a HUGE incentive for new and current Verizon customers to migrate to Apple's uber-handset.

But Wu also cautioned that Apple could turn around and offer iPhones to Sprint and/or T-Mobile first, which would require less engineering to run on their networks, therefore pushing back a vPhone debut until 2012.  By that time, Verizon may have their first LTE ("long term evolution") 4G phones on hand, skipping the need for an interim CDMA implementation.

[Via AppleInsider]