White iPhone Unboxed, But We’re Still Waiting For It

The above video shows an unboxing of the white iPhone 4. 

Right now, it's not available unless you use the infamous white iPhone kit that makes your device look like a cheap knock-off. But the one above looks like the real deal. We aren't sure how the device was acquired, but it comes in the correct box and features four minutes of the person in the video showing off the devices features.

Apple did announce that they had planned on releasing the white iPhone, but have delayed it because the device was harder to manufacture than they had originally thought. It's said that the company is having a difficult time finding a white color that works. Some think it's the transparency of the white casing that may be causing problems, especially with the phone's proximity sensor, because light was able to leak through and throw it off. According to MacNN, the whiteness of the iPhone 4 wasn't "perfect" and the paint being used was flaking. However, those issues may have been ironed out.

Either way, there are many of us who can't wait for the new device. The above video is just a little taste. 

[Via 9to5Mac]

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