Windows 7 Slate Takes On the iPad

Check out this video of a Windows 7 tablet taking on the iPad in a head to head battle. 

The Hanvon Windows 7 slate shown in the video is presumably one of the many Windows 7 tablets that is supposed to materialize this year. We'll see.

The Hanvon doessn't win the battle per se but it is able to keep up with the iPad. Sometimmes it even beats it.

It also has a camera, USB, SD card slot, and a trackpad. Of couse, with all that businesss takes up a little room and you'd have to assume it affects the battery life as well.

It's a nice enough video, but we have to wonder if teh darn thing will ever materialize.

As we reported before Where Have All the Tablets Gone? 

For all the grousing everyone does about the iPad, it does seem to have completely taken over the market.

If the iPad is such crap, where are all the better tablets?

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