Woz: iPhone 4 Death Grip A “Tiny, Tiny Problem”

We hear so much about Apple's "Steve 1" (Jobs), it's easy to forget there was a "Steve 2" (Wozniak).  But Apple's co-founder is still alive and well, and recently weighed in on the iPhone 4 antenna-bezel brouhaha at a recent tech conference.

His take: he's had no problem with the antenna, dismissing the issue as a "very tiny, tiny problem that has [been] blown out of proportion" by anti-Apple haters.  He continued, "Even though I can cause the problem, I don't have the problem in real usage."  (EDITOR'S NOTE: We agree.)

Woz also weighed in on the Apple vs. Google fist fight (tellingly, he fears that Google will become the next Microsoft) and his current relation with both Jobs (cordial) and Apple (he's happy to be on the outside looking in).

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