24-Hours in, the iPhone 3G with iOS4.1. Plus, What the Twitterverse is Saying About the Update

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This is almost a total turnaround. Not once did we curse our old, slow iPhone 3G for keeping us waiting as we tried to do something simple like launch our Spotlight search or our Favorites. Thanks for the update, Apple, we mean it.

Overall Performance:

As someone who uses the Spotlight search rather than navigating through the device, launching the search and entering actual search queries has become much better. We talked about this a bit yesterday as well, but we are happy to know that through a regular day’s use it worked enough to keep us satisfied.

We also played around with Safari a bit. Launching the App definitely seems to have improved, as well as creating a new page and jumping back and forth. Rotating to put the phone in landscape is no longer painful.

We will also say that texting is a lot faster. Whether rotating the phone, responding to a message or switching between several ongoing conversations.

iBooks is still unusable. Slow, rotating takes too long and loading a bookshelf is painfully slow. That doesn’t matter much, because the Kindle App is a much better choice anyway.

Proximity Sensor:

Though proximity sensor issues were always only associated with the iPhone 4, we experienced issues of our own. All of them fit the reported bugs that iPhone 4 users had, such as muting and going to speakerphone. That also seems to be gone.

Battery Life:

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Upon regular use, we aren’t noticing much difference in battery life. Unfortunately, there are too many factors that have an effect on batteries. Some days we get more phone calls than others, etc. We will say this: It definitely isn’t worse, but most users probably won’t perceive much difference, because there are times when their iPhones may be used more than others.

The Verdict:

So far, after one day, iOS4.1 is wonderful when compared to the horror that was iOS4. A part of us wishes we still had system 3  to compare it to. The lesson here? When a new operating system is released, give it a few days, there are likely a few bugs to be worked out. iOS4 took a lot of new steps, but felt a bit unpolished. 4.1 smoothed those rough edges, and made it a great system to have on any iOS device.

What the internet is saying:

Now, as we did last time, let’s take a look at what the many people of Twitter are saying about iOS4.1 on their 3G. Believe it or not, it was difficult to find negative comments. The worst we found was someone saying that they still wanted wallpaper and that the phone is still slow but “not as slow.”

alpatterson1ios4.1 has revived my 3G half a minute ago via web

Vettura  – iOS4.1 update works fine, SKY Tally FBO now running quicker on my iPhone 3G. Email marketing begins tonight! about 1 hour ago via Facebook

gabesterwow, #apple #disc
disabled my #appleID for security reasons on message boards after posting how to make iPhone 3G faster with iOS4.1 about 1 hour ago via web

dbulli – it’s early yet, but ios4.1 seems to have revived my iphone 3g about 1 hour ago via Tweetie for Mac

jordanpsky – The performance bump for my iPhone 3G oniOS4.1 has totally been worth the trade-off of not being jailbroken. That said, come on redsn0w! about 2 hours ago via Tweetie for Mac

smithmeg – Cautiously optimistic that iOS4.1 may have fixed the occasional 10-20 second freezes my 3G iPhone was doing 🙂 about 2 hours ago via Echofon

rammlet – Having said that about the jailbreak, iOS4.1 has massively improved the performance of my retro 3G. Which is great about 2 hours ago via web

pauleapoIos4.1 at last feels like my iPhone 3G is back unto speed again about 2 hours ago via Echofon

p2wy #iOS4.1 has moved the speedo on my 3G iPhone from “Zombie” to “Tortoise”. Fast tortoise at least, like big ones from the Galapagos. about 2 hours ago via web

daronjones – BTW If your iPhone 3G is slow as hell after the iOS4 upgrade, the iOS4.1 should fix all. Loving the new old speed!… about 3 hours ago via web

jacquie_dsa#iOS4.1 has some 3G fixes but not all. Still slow (not as slow) and still can’t use the wallpaper function. Come on #Apple fix my phone! about 3 hours ago via Chromed Bird

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