A Heads-Up to Those Planning on Getting the New Apple TV


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The new Apple TV comes comes with only an HDMI port. This is part of how Apple was able to make the unit much smaller. 

We at iSmashPhone have been considering the new Apple TV, which looks small and very easy to stow in a bag or suitcase. Since we travel from time-to-time whether it's with the family or to press events, we figured it would be a nice way to take some group entertainment.

Unfortunately, there are many hotels or vacation houses don't have HDMI ports. We decided to look around for a way to carry around an Apple TV and still be able to connect it to most televisions. Well, some online retailers are selling direct HDMI to component cables.

Turns out that it doesn't work.

Those who want to know how to convert an HDMI video signal to a component cable will have to look for a converter box, which usually sets users back somewhere in the realm of $150. Though it's probably best to shop around a bit.

If you need more proof that such a cable doesn't work, have a look at this Amazon link. Several users who bought a similar cables are expressing EXTREME dissatisfaction.

The lesson here is just watch where you shop, and don't always be in a hurry to purchase something because the price is enticing. Oh, and read customer reviews, most of them are just people like the rest of us who needed a way to connect a device to their TV.

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