AirPlay Works With Netflix

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AirPlay was introduced with iTunes 10. It allows users to stream content from one device for another. For example, one can listen to iTunes on their laptop and stream the audio to their Apple TV or external AirPlay-enabled speakers.

This is also possible with iOS4.2. Users will be able to easily switch video feeds between their iPad and their Apple TV with AirPlay. This was shown working with movies purchased on iTunes during the Apple event on September 1st. However, it's now been shown that it will be possible to stream Netflix content as well.

Fair enough, but it may be slightly less useful with Netflix than it is with iTunes, because from our experience, Netflix streaming picks up where you left off on a movie even when switching between devices. There are comments floating around the internet speculating that, if anything, it just shows further possibilities of AirPlay being able to stream App content between devices. Hmm…Apps between devices…  

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