Anti-Social Behavior: Is Facebook Lying About Branded Phone Plans?

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TechCrunch and Facebook have been at each other's throats ever since the former published a story that the latter was working on an FB-branded mobile phone.  Facebook immediately went into denial/attack mode ("No we're not! How dare you!"), and released a statement insisting that "[our] approach has always been to make all phones and apps more social, not build a phone."

TC wasn't buying it, having been through a similar scenario with Google prior to the release of the Nexus One.  Not only did they systematically dismantle Facebook's public-relations retort, but also promptly pointed to a CNET story that verified everything they'd written.  (The CNET story also pointed out that, while the Nexus One and its Microsoft cousin the Kin were massive failures, Facebook's half a beeellion users might actually make an FB-phone a success.)