Apple Announcement Round-up – All the New Items Announced During the Apple Keynote Address

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It has undoubtedly been a big day of releases for Apple as their Keynote Address, which was broadcast live through the Apple website, was used to show off a whole series of updates and upgrades to their existing product line.  Almost every single area of Apples entertainment and media departments were touched by this shift and there are some major changes for Apple in the near future.  Here is a run down of what was announced in the recent press address.

iOS 4.2

The iOS 4.2 update was a major one, which is not going to be available until November.  iOS 4.1 is quickly going to be accessible to the public, but the more major iOS 4.2 update is one that people are going to have to wait for.  What defines the iOS 4.2 update is that it is built mainly around the iPad and brings in new features that users have waited for.  These iOS 4.2 features will include multitasking and folders on the iPad, remote printing through the Print Center, and Air Tunes to stream music to remote devices. 

iOS 4.1

This is the first of the two iOS updates, this one coming along quickly to fix bugs with proximity and bluetooth.  Here you will also be able to support video rentals, High Dynamic Range photos, and upload HD videos over a Wi-Fi connection.  This is not to mention the inclusion of Game Center to help centralize and bring together a social networking feel to mobile gaming on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. 

iPod Touch 4

The iPod Touch 4 is the newest model to the line, and comes with iOS 4.1.  There are a whole host of major steps forward here including dual cameras for both photo and HD video and the FaceTime video chatting software.  The basic design has seen an upgrade with metal casing, the Retina Display, larger storage capacities, and a better battery life.

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano had been rumored to see one of the most profound upgrades today, and that is just the case.  A touch screen of sorts has been added to the iPod Nano, giving it the feel of a simplified iPod Touch.  With the new iPod Nano you are released from the hold of the iPod Class format and now have features like FM radio and voice memos.  The square shape holds for a tiny touch screen that rotates in accordance with the iPod Nano's orientation.

iPod Shuffle

Though it was not quite as anticipated, the iPod Shuffle saw a few upgrades that will make it more accessible.  The iPod Shuffle's buttons have been returned and it holds the ability to store up to fifteen hours of music.  Not bad for $49.

iTunes 10

The iTunes 10 update is also one of the stand out gems from Steven Jobs at the Apple Keynote Address.  Here we see not only a changed iTunes logo, but an entirely new outlook on how this media store and music service will work.  Now it will utilize Ping to include social networking features on your iTunes account complete with friend networks, news feeds, customized lists, full profiles, and band information.  The overall design has been updated as well to bring album art in a more inclusive way.

Apple TV

The Apple TV franchise has made a major improvement with a new sleak steel design that is smaller than the previous.  What is considered of major importance here with Apple TV is that is allows for different types of video rentals, really tying in to Netflix now in a successful way.

No More iPod Classic

The iPod Classic will be no more in future development with only items like the iPod Nano and iPod Touch 4 taking its spot.  Go ahead and buy one while they are stlil for sale.


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