Apple Peel Turns Your iPod Touch Into an iPhone

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Apple Peel 520 is the device that slips over your jailbroken iPod Touch to create a working phone. Turns out that they will be shipping the case to the States. It basically has everything you need such as the ear piece and the microphone, but it also includes a SIM slot, so it's literally turning your device into a mobile phone.

We've talked about it in the past, and we've read that it's a neat little accessory, but not without it's quirks. Still, if the asking price of $120 sounds enticing, you can order one from, and it begins shipping October 4. The interesting thing is they they even mention in the order form "be sure to know the current disadvantages before ordering" in bold. Good thing they are being upfront about that.

Hit the jump for the PR spiel announced today that it will be the first to sell the Apple Peel 520 worldwide!


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You probably heard some rumors about this gadget. Maybe also that ‚ÄòGo Solar USA‚Äô will bring the Yosion Apple Peel 520 someday to the USA. Why wait? brings you the Apple Peel 520 directly from China!


Transform your iPod Touch into an iPhone!

The Apple Peel 520 is a new wireless device that adds mobile voice and text messaging capabilities to the iPod Touch. The gadget slips over the iPod Touch and includes a battery, dock connector and SIM card holder. Once the proper software is installed, the Apple Peel 520 adds the ability to make voice calls and send and receive text messages on your iPod Touch.

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