Apple TV Just Got More Fun, It Will Be Very Hack-Friendly

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The truth is, we expected this to happen quickly, but Apple TV isn't even out yet and the hacking community is doing some things. This is thanks to the released firmware that has made it possible for developers to peek into what the box has to offer. Thanks to exploits discovered with the A4 chip and the fact that Apple TV runs on a version of iOS, it's already a very familiar system to the hacking community.

What we have today is a TUAW reader who goes by Arix was able to get a 3GS to receive AirPlay streaming. Check it out in the video below:



It's also being reported that the user can restore their Apple TV in iTunes via the Micro-USB port giving users a way to update jb tools through that port.

We are also seeing that it's possible to run Lowtide on an iPod Touch. This is definitely an indication of future possibilities such as what we talked about yesterday:



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