Apple’s Special September Event, By The Numbers


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It's all about the numbers. As with all Apple keynotes, Steve Jobs showed the crowd some numbers. These are those sales figures that keep investors happy and Apple looking good around their peers. It's time to take all those numbers and put them together for our viewing enjoyment.

Apple Stores

– 300 Apple retail stores around the world across 10 countries. Spain will become the 11th country to have an Apple store.

-These 300 Apple stores regularly reach over 1 million visitors a day.

– Apple stores hold 80,000 one-to-one classes a week, to teach users how to use their products

– 50 percent of those going to Apple stores are new adopters.


– More than 120 million iOS devices shipped (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).

– There are a little over 230,000 new iOS devices being activated a day.

– Over 250,000 Apps in the App Store.

– 25,000 of those Apps are for the iPad.

– 275 million iPod devices sold.

– iPod Touch is currently the #1 portable game player, according to Apple.

– iPod Touch has over 50 percent market share for portable games worldwide.

– 1.5 Billion iOS games sold

– 200 Apps downloaded every second


– 11.7 billion songs downloaded from iTunes.

– Over 450 million TV episodes.

– Over 100 million movies.

– Over 35 million books.

– More than 160 million accounts with credit card and one-click shopping.



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