Big Screen Business: Four Companies That Rely On Their iPads To Get Things Done

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Apple's web site has posted profiles of four businesses large and small that have integrated iPads into their day-to-day activities.  They include:

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, where managers use the tablet in place of notepads, calculators, and/or day planners, and staffers mobilize checking out and directing guests to nearby dining and entertainment.

– Hospital rehabilitation service provider RehabCare provide iPads and iPhones with customized cloud-based apps to their caregivers, reducing the time and paperwork of preadmission screening and recording patient activities at point-of-care.

– New York City-based prosthodontist Dr. Jonathan Ferencz also slashed his practice's paperwork requirements using an iPad and the Adobe Ideas app.  Since his practice specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry, the iPad can also show patients exactly what the forthcoming treatment will look like.

– And charity:water — a global clean-drinking-water initiative with a goal of 100% project funding from public donations — relies on their iPads to deliver the charity's multimedia donor pitch anywhere from a board room to the back of a taxi.