Black Balled: Social Scope Leaves Blackberry Exclusivity Behind

Social Scope has stood out as though it may become one of the major Blackberry developers with its Social Scope application, which redefines the diverse social networking landscape by creating a centralized location for things like Facebook, Flickr, FourSquare and Twitter.  Though Social Scope was only available on the Blackberry in a beta form it marks what is an important shift in the type of applications that were available on the hand held device.  The Blackberry has positioned itself as one of the continuous competitors of the iPhone, but, as was shown in the computer wars of the 1980s and videogame console battles of the 1990s, without exclusive applications it is going to be hard for the Android to compete with the mammoth iPhone.  Social networking, which has defined the internet as part of the Web 2.0 paradigm shift, is going to be the be all of the smart phone world and the Blackberry had a shiny token with Social Scope.  At least until Social Scope decided to open up.

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More recently Social Scope has released a bit of murmuring about developing their Social Scope social networking application for both the Android and iPhone.  What this will allow for is the ability to maintain the same Social Scope account even if you do jump phones, which should be music to iEars.

The Blackberry really does need exclusive social networking applications to appeal to younger users as their device has often been relegated to the business world while the iPhone has all the teen fun.  This may be one of the moves that further pushes the Blackberry into Wall Street and away from the dorms.

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