Chrome OS On The iPad!

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Hacker and developer Hexxeh has released a photo showing the iPad running a version of Google's Chrome OS. This, amid reports of tablets with the Chrome OS debuting this fall.


Well, now it looks as if the VERY first tablet to get Chrome OS is Apple’s iPad.


Chrome OS is, of course Google‚Äôs upcoming operating system based on the Chrome web browser and its open source version, Chromium OS. 


Hacker and developer Hexxeh has been playing around with Chromium OS builds for awhile, since the OS was released. Google itself, has acknowledged his work in it. 


The 'How' he accomplished it is the question, but obviously jailbreaking is required. Further updates will purportedly be posted on Hexxeh’s blog. Another alleged screenshot of Chrome OS installed on the iPad has also been making the rounds of Twitter.




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