EA Plans to Develop for Android

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Electronic Arts is ready to take to developing and publishing on the Android platform. EA CFO Eric Brown has said that the company is positioning their mobile business to support the mobile OS.

Brown cited a report from analyst IDC, which stated that in 2014, the Android OS may have a 25 percent market share, while Apple’s devices will be at 11 percent.

Because of this research, he says, “I think there’s a lot to happen in the future in Android, and we’re trying to position our mobile business to take advantage of that trend.”

He seems to feel that Android will eventually become more popular than iOS, “We think long term…the Android market is going to take its share.” He also noted the last quarter sales figures which showed Android’s phones outpacing iPhones.

EA’s mobile game business is said to make about $200 to $225 million a year. Currently, most of that comes from iPhone sales.

Our two cents: We think cross-platform is the way to go if your company has the resources. When you are a giant publisher like Electronic Arts, you can’t afford not to given some of the game budgets they deal with. More systems, more buyers.

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