Energizer and Sanyo drop products for Global Qi wireless power standards

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The Wireless Power Consortium took a big step this past week with the announcement that a Qi interoperability standard has been finalized. Three documents set out the interface, performance and compliance requirements.

The goal, of course is to make all wireless charging universal, so any Qi-approved phone can soak up juice from any Qi-verified base station, dock or omnitool. 

The first products have been announced, and a number of companies, including the giants Nokia and RIM have signaled their support.

Energizer has stepped up first with the Energizer Inductive Charger. To be released this fall the charger will initially work with charging sleeves for the iPhone 3G/S and BlackBerry Curve 8900.

Sanyo is designing battery packs that will look and act like a normal battery pack, but also be able to be charged wirelessly. 

Hopefully we'll get battery packs that don't make your iPhone 4 look like an iPhone 3GS. 

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