Finally, a Cheap Highly Portable iPad Stand!

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Arkon Moboil Mounting Specialists has just released a travel-friendly stand designed for use with nearly all new lightweight tablet computers. As you can see above, they are gearing it specifically toward the iPad, which makes sense if all reports about the iPad hurting laptop sales are at all accurate.

Called the IPM-TAB 1, in what surely is a spot of high creativity, this highly portable stand promises to free up your hands so you can watch movies, read an eBook, a recipe, surf the web, conduct a presentation, view photos, read displayed sheet music, or do just about anything.

Watch the video, above, it actually is kinda cool.

At 7” x 1” x 1” when folded, and 2.9 oz this stand has a compact design that mask it perfect for travel on planes, trains, etc. Just fold it up and drop it in your backpack.

It also looks easy to use on an airplane seat back tray table.

The manufacturer promises it will be an extremely versatile accessory for use almost anywhere including at trade shows or in the office, on the nightstand or kitchen counter, or for use with video chat (you know when it shows up on the next iPad) or any number of other applications.

It also features support legs with non-skid cushioned pads for added stability,

It retails at a super-cheap $17.95 at the website HERE.

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