Google Apps’ Added Security Measure

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Google is adding more security to their online application suite. Those of you who use Google may used their online word-processor and spreadsheet builder through your Gmail account. Sometimes, you may notice that Google will ask you for you password, even if you are logged on. 

However, passwords aren't always the best way to keep someone out of your stuff. Someone may be able to figure it out, especially since so many people use the same password for almost everything they do. Often, you can figure out all their other logins based on one password.

Google is adding a bit of optional security to make sure that even people who acquire your password can't open an important file or spreadsheet, a randomly generated code. The code can be obtained only with their free App (available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry) and it is always different. The added measure may seem like a bit of a pain for most users, but it's important to remember that some places, like the City of Los Angeles, have switched to Gmail.

Currently, the accounts that have access to the new feature are paid, government and education. The rest of us will get the added features "in the months ahead."

While on the subject of security, here's an interesting read on an exploit that has figured out how to download cracked apps: iPA God Exploit

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