Google Does It: Look Out for Google Voice on the iPhone

It looks as though Apple's ability to shut out competitors may begin to be challenged successfully.  It has now been announced that Apple is finally giving approval for Google Voice for the iPhone, which comes a little later than originally expected.  In 2009 Google Voice came before the powers that be through the App Store and was denied the right to exist because it was "duplicating features that come with the iPhone."  This was an immediate controversy, not the least of which because there are thousands of applications at the iTunes App Store that would directly match the features of the iPhone.  These have ranged from other map functions, instant messaging features that challenge text messaging, internet browsers that are more specific than Safari, and many other voice recorders that are are more direct for industries than Voice Memos.  The FCC initiated an investigation about Apple's decision, and this joint pressue must have been dramatic enough to force acceptance.

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The question here is what this development says for both Apple's control over its device and how they respond to the increasing market hegemony by Google.  There is something to be said both for bowing to pressure from Google and trying to resist its infiltration of their device but, as in most situations, Google is allowed to run the market as their own expansive empire. 

Though the official Google Voice client has been approved by Apple it is not going to be released immediately as Google wants to develop it further.  More specifically, Google is looking to work the functions of Google Voice into the multitasking that has defined the updated iOS, but there may be the implementation of other items such as the dual cameras.

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