Google Remains Mum On iPhone Voice App Resubmission

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Over the weekend, several apps appeared in iTunes that — Shock! Horror! — directly accessed Google Voice.  This more than a year after the original Google Voice app was yanked from the App Store on the grounds that it duplicated native iPhone functionality.

The programs in question (GV Mobile + and GV Connect) were accompanied by a resounding silence from Google itself, who has publicly maintained that it has no plans to resubmit the Voice App for reconsideration.  At the time, the search engine behemoth complained to the FCC that Apple had flat-out rejected the app, while the House of Jobs maintained that it had not actually rejected the app, but was reviewing it.  To date, the Voice app has never been officially approved OR rejected.

Google, for its part, maintains that an HTML5 implementation that can be accessed through the iPhone's browser is all they intend to offer for Voice implementation.

In mean time, you can get GV Connect as an alternative.

[Via Apple Insider]