Google TV Launches This Fall–Chrome Tablet Partners Announced Later This Year

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Google TV is coming this fall, says Google boss Eric Schmidt after a keynote speech to the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany. this, according to a Reuters report.

According to Schmidt, the service will be free, and the company will be working with content providers to bring programming to their customers. However, Schmidt says that "it is unlikely that we will get into actual content production." (Sorry, no Google-produced television shows. As if that sounded interesting to begin with.) This will likely be a competitor for the new Apple TV, which was announced during Apple's special press event on September 1st. While Google TV doesn't have an announced price point yet, one advantage that Apple TV does have is the very low price of $99. While the features may seem limited to some, it's an enticing dollar amount for the casual user. Just under that $100 dollar mark.

The search engine giant will later this year be announcing partners who are producing Chrome OS-based tablets. No actual release date is pinned on the devices expect that they are due to be on the market "soon."

[Via Reuters]

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