GreenPois0n Tool May be Returning for an iOS4.1 Jailbreak

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Looks like the next iOS4.1 jailbreak is on its way. We've recently seen the exploit for the A4 processor that will make a tethered jailbreak possible on devices like the iPod Touch 4G, the iPad and the iPhone 4.

GreenPois0n, by the Chronic Dev-Team, which was originally used for jailbreaking iOS3.1.3 on the iPhone and 3.2 on the iPad, already seems to work well on the iPhone 4. Pod2g posted the following tweet:

Hey, @p0sixninja 's epic greenpois0n works well on iPhone 4G ! (need to work on the framebuffer code tho ! )

Another tweet by cdevwill reads:

. @KOTULCN no, remember when we said greenpois0n would come to use later as a toolkit? using it to create this jailbreak is cutting our workload in half (or maybe more). that's why pod mentioned it.

It won't be long before we're all jailbreaking our 4.1 devices.

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