GV Mobile + In Approval Process: Google Voice on iPhone is Coming Soon?

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Sean Kovacs, the person who wrote Google Voice Mobile, has re-submitted his App for Apple approval as GV Mobile +. He said that he had to jump through some "extra hoops." The App will cost $2.99, the same price it's always been.

He says it should be about a week or two before it hits the US App Store. Many may remember about a year ago when GV Mobile was pulled from the App Store.

It was said that "Apple believed the application duplicated the core dialer function of the iPhone," it disappeared for a while, but it was still possible to get the App through Cydia on a jailbroken phone.

The update comes with some improvements, such as new graphics for the keypad, internal favorites, copy/paste into keyboard.

Here's a history of the whole mess: Link.

The developer has more info on his blog: Here

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