How do You Call Your Facebook Friends for Free? Answer: Vonage

This is a cool App from Vonage that lets users call their Facebook friends for free over wifi or 3G/4G. The App is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phones and is coming soon to the iPad. By next week, the iPod Touch will have a built-in microphone, thanks to the new design. It's practically becoming the new home phone, if you have wifi.

With the App users will not have to share their phone number, which keeps that private. The App still needs to grow, we tried it and haven't found a Facebook friend that uses it yet. The good thing is that upon launching the App, you can send out an invite to all your Facebook friends so that they can download the App as well.

Looks like Facebook and your iPhone just grew a little closer.

Download the free App here: App Store

Get the download link here if you have an Android phone.

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