How To Jailbreak a PS3 With a Calculator

Just two years ago, the PlayStation 3 seemed like a tough system to crack. Now that the source code is floating around the internet, it seems that PSGroove and PSFreedom are being ported to any device that can be connected to a PS3 via USB.

This time, it's a different tool. A Texas Instruments calculator named the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. We don't know if the sales of these calculators will skyrocket, or if kids will use their school calculators to jailbreak their PS3s. 

Still, if it's something you are interested in, and you happen to have one of these. The sucker costs about $170 new (Though we are sure you can shop around for better prices.)

The application can be downloaded here. Again, know that you must be running firmware 3.41, an update will kill the exploit.

If you have a Palm Pre, you can always check out this jailbreak. If you have neither this fancy calculator nor the Pre, cou may have to wait for an iPhone port, which is currently being worked on.

[Via TI83Programmer]

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