How To Make iTunes 10 Look Like iTunes 9 Again

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We've run various tutorials on how to get iTunes 10 to look a bit more familiar. While iTunes 10 has some neat additions as far as functions go, some users aren't enjoying the new color scheme and interface.

Again, the iSmashPhone staff has mixed feelings. Some of us dig the new look, while others long for the more colorful design of the previous versions.

Luckily, a certain user by the name of Shaun_R on the MacThemes forums is putting together a package that will bring the new look back. He worked hard to provide constant updates, and it looks like he is finished with his final version of the package.

We will warn you, we haven't yet tried any of these installs, so download at your own risk. Still, the other users in the forum seem to be enjoying the work Shaun_R is doing, so we are pretty sure that it's working out for them.

Here is a list of the changes he has made:

What does it fix?
– Sidebar icons are back to iTunes 9 look, including iPods when syncing (Ping is intentionally left grey); 
– AppleScript to change the stoplights to horizontal, just like iTunes 9!(Thanks to Plizzo for this!) 
– The "shiny" window chrome, top and bottom, back to iTunes 8/standard Snow Leopard look;
– "Shiny" media controls are back to iTunes 8's look;
– The disgusting new icon is back to iTunes 8's look;
– Volume bar back to iTunes 9 look.
– iTunes 9 grey-blue checkboxes in song lists. 
– iTunes 9-like grey-blue list header. It's not the same, but it's pretty close. It also has 1px gaps between each row, for easier visibility of columns. 
– Various other minor tweaks and improvements. 

Those who want to give it a try, can do so here: MacThemes Forums

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