How To Run PSFreedom JailBreak on PS3 With a Palm Pre

As we learned a few days ago, MuscleNerd has been working to backport the PSGroove jailbreak to the ihone, making it possible to use Apple's device to jailbreak a PlayStation 3.

This is much more efficient than the solution by the group called PS Jailbreak, which will set users back about $170, because many of us already own an iPhone.

Unfortunately, we don't know how far out a release may be for this jailbreak solution (Though we will keep you updated). There is some good news, if you own a Palm Pre.

First, you must make sure that you have not updated your PS3 firmware to 3.42, (stick with 3.41) which was Sony's September 7th update that addressed a "hardware security issue." They haven't said much other than that, but it's obvious what they mean by hardware security issue.

Know that we have not yet tried this jailbreak for ourselves, but those who are interested can follow these instructions. The following can be credited to Novis619, who made the video above and wrote the instructions that will run the PSFreedom JB on a PS3 via Palm Pre:

1. Open up Preware (or whatever package application manager you use) and download the app Terminal.

2. Download the file called psfreedom.ko from this website:Here (Press the big blue arrow) Or from here.

3. Plug your phone (Pre or Pre Plus–it doesn't matter) to your computer and enable usb mode.

4. Copy the psfreedom.ko file to the ROOT of your phone. The root is the main directory of the phone–the same place where your music, ringtones, videos, etc. folders are.

5. Eject your phone and reboot it.

6. Open up the Terminal app and type the following: insmod /media/internal/psfreedom.ko

7. Press enter. If it gives an error about a file being busy, just retype it and press enter again.

8. If successful, another line should appear.

9. Now turn the switch in the back of your PS3 off (or unplug the cable if you have a slim) and then flip it back on (or plug the cable back in).

10. Plug your phone into the first usb port. Turn on the console and immediately afterwards press eject.

11. If you did it right the PS3 should take a little longer to boot. Now check the game column and you should see two new icons.

12. Download the backup manager–Google it, I am not providing it. And place the manager.pkg file onto the root of any usb flash drive.

13. Plug it in to any available usb port and open the Install Package Files icon on the PS3.

14. After installing it, simply back out and open the newly installed program.

15. If a disc is inserted you should see the title on the screen. Press circle to backup to an external harddrive (must be formatted to FAT32), press cancel to backup to the internal drive.

16. After it is done, you may eject the disc and backup another game. But remember, a game disc MUST be inserted to play a backup.

17. And you're done! To boot up a game, simply open up the backup manager and press x on the title you want to play. Reboot your phone to restore USB functionality.

18. Peace out.

***If you turn off your PS3 and your phone is still plugged in, you don't have to redo any extra steps. Just hard-power it off, press power then eject immediately afterwards, and you're good to go.

However, you must do this process every time you want to boot up backup manager It is not a permanent jailbreak–think of it almost like a tethered iPhone/iPod touch jailbreak.

Also, before commenting about any problems you may have. First reboot your phone and make sure you read every step carefully. Then, and only then, ask your question.

Here is a compatibility list for many different games: List

Full Credit to Novis619.

As a side note, we will also be posting more PS3 jailbreaks in the near future.

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