How To: Turn Your iPhone Into a Very Cool Microscope for Less Than $15

Crabfu has put together a very cool little microscope using a small microscope purchased from Amazon along coupled with the camera of his iPhone 4. It makes for very interesting pictures.

By attaching the microscope to an iPhone 4 case, they were able to keep it stable on the iDevice and magnify just about anything they wanted to take a closer look at. It reminds us of some of those camera mods for the enhanced zoom, only this one lets you see tiny objects.

Even cooler, is when he shows the DIY microscope paired up with an iPad via Bluecam, to see an iPad-sized version of the objects he is magnifying. Very cool.

Sadly, the microscope was available on Amazon for $5, but the price has since been hiked to $12.50. Perhaps the seller got wind of the video and is hoping to make a few extra bucks.

Body Glove Case: Here

Microscope: Here

[Via Crabfu]

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