Important: Jailbreakers, Beware Fake GreenPois0n Websites

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Chronic-Dev, makers of GreenPois0n, are hard at work on their 4.1 jailbreak in hopes of getting it out to the public in the very near future.

Right now many are waiting for the jailbreak to be released to that they can start enjoying iOS4.1. Sadly, some people take such things and try to use them for their own benefit by screwing over others. In this case, it's people who are using fake websites with the GreenPois0n name to grab personal information from users.

The site in question was a .info instead of a .com. We ran a quick search looking for the site using various variations of and were unable to find it, so it may have been taken down. Still, the important thing to gain from this is that there are people who are trying to lure jailbreakers with fake websites using the GreenPois0n name. know that the only official one is (with the second "O" in poison being a zero.) and is found: Here

Currently, Pod2g and Posixninja are working on GreenPois0n and SHAtter which will jailbreak iOS devices running on the A4 chip (which includes all latest models and likely future models for at least the next few years). The GreenPois0n was recently updated, hinting that something may be nearby.

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