iPhone 4 and Cannon SLR Combine to Form the Mighty iCannon 4

The iPhone 4 and the Cannon SLR have come together for the ultimate geek camera. Actually, the iPhone 4 has a pretty sweet outward facing camera. It takes very nice pictures. Of course it may be hard to be taken seriously as a photographer if you walk around with an iPhone 4 instead of a big fancy camera.

The solution? Pop that sucker into a fancy camera body, and people won't question your photography know-how. If anything, it's a cool toy to show off to friends.

Okay, so maybe this one seems like a tough (and very expensive) mod. Most DIY-types are doing DIY because they need something more cost-effective than a thousand dollar camera.

For them, we offer this guide to modifying your iPhone camera. Most of these can be done on the cheap, some are just entertaining reads and the rest are just simple cases. Check it out here.

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